Jim Moloney

Managing Director, EMEA

Jim joined Kamakura Corporation in 2010 as Managing Director for EMEA. Staying in line with market developments since 2008, the focus on current regulatory processes, stress testing and compliance has come to the fore in the banking sector. At the same time, the flow of funds and search for greater returns has seen extreme growth in the areas of Asset / Pension Fund Management and Private Equity. Under management’s guidance, Kamakura and its solutions are not only staying abreast of these developments but also leading the way with close co-operation of many regulatory bodies.

Jim’s work also includes application assignments involving traditional areas of risk such as performance measurement and attribution, liquidity risk, valuations, VaR, EaR, NII and credit risk as well as compliance, capital and asset allocation for all forms of Financial Institutions. Looking at the direct interaction of these risks is becoming an ever more important part of this work.

From 2004 to 2010, Jim was a Director for Fiserv Inc.'s risk management unit where he managed the business operations of the risk division for Central and Eastern Europe.

Jim is a veteran of Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Commerz Financial Products and Algorithmics. He has held senior management positions in risk management covering topics from corporate banking, structured finance, retail banking, portfolio management through to compliance.

Jim has led many projects and numerous workshops relating to market and credit risk, Basel II & III, balance sheet management and profitability measurement throughout EMEA, the United Kingdom, North America and Australia. He is a featured speaker in the workshops and seminars organised by the Financial Stability Institute, a division of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

Jim graduated from the University of NSW with higher degrees in Geophysics. He worked in this field for 10 years before moving to Germany in the 1990’s.